How Stock Market Investing Works

  • Consumer vs investor mindset
  • Appreciation & dividend

5 Secrets That WILL Make You WEALTHY

  1. Mindset: rich vs wealthy; money is just a tool
  2. Work on your income
  3. Pay yourself
  4. Stop the payments
  5. Patience

Stock Market Investing For Beginners - A COMPLETE Guide To Stock Market Investing

  • Stock market is an accessible wealth-building tool
  • Appreciation & dividend
  • Active vs passive

What Every 20-Something NEEDS To Hear About Money

  • Young & no financial responsibilities: 50/30/20: Max spend/investing/saving
  • Financial responsibilities: 75/15/10

7 Essential Money Lessons You Never Learned In School (RIDICULOUSLY IMPORTANT)

  • Taxes are your biggest single expense
  • Budgeting
  • Being rich vs looking rich
  • Credit cards
  • Good credit score

Is This The Time to Invest Or Pay Down Debt

  • High interest rate

6 Investing Rules To Live By

  1. Start before you’re ready
  2. Take yourself out of the equation (as much as possible)
  3. Expect volatility and use it to your advantage
  4. Always be learning (and thinking and reading) about the world around you
  5. Know what kind of investor you want to be
  6. Exploit your biggest edge as an investor—a long time horizon

Make Your First Stock Market Investment In 5 Steps

  1. Goals
  2. Learn basics
  3. Save up to invest
  4. Understand risk
  5. Learn how to actually make a trade

7 HACKS To Be A Stock Market Ninja

  1. Start small
  2. Don’t sell stocks in fear
  3. Consistently invest your money
  4. Invest in companies you enjoy
  5. Don’t cheerlead (& obsess) on your stocks
  6. Invest in large cap stocks
  7. Invest for the long term, building wealth takes time

Don’t Go Broke As A Fearful Investor

  • FOMO

Index Funds vs Mutual Funds vs ETF (WHICH ONE IS THE BEST?!)

The Algebra of Wealth

  • = Focus + (stoicism × time × diversification)

The Intelligent Investor Summary (By Benjamin Graham)

  • Mr Market
  • Defensive & enterprising investor
  • Margin of safety
  • Risk & reward are not always correlated

DO NOT Make These 5 Stock Market Investing Mistake

  • Invest without trading
  • Understand the media
  • Invest without margin
  • Align your financial goals with your investments

How To Earn COMPOUND INTEREST & Double Your Money

  • Active (business) & passive compounding

How To QUIT Your Day Job With DIVIDEND INVESTING (Step By Step Method)

  • Dividend reinvestment

2020 Tech Stock Bubble?! - Watch This Before Investing In Tech Stocks

  • How long is your investment plan?
  • Don’t overload your stock portfolio with only tech stocks
  • Understanding your investment goals before you invest in technology stocks

TODO: this gap

Why Media And Code Make People Rich

  • No marginal cost of replication
  • Scalable; incredible leverage

How To Find High Quality Stocks

  • High Return on Invested Capital
  • Moat: dominant position in the market
  • Great leadership
  • Strong balance sheet

What Exactly Are Hedge Funds (And Why Are They Always Causing Problems)?

  • Hedging: limiting risk
  • Trying to get returns regardless of what the market is doing
  • Limited to high net-worth investors
  • Lacking transparency & regulation

What the Dot-com Bubble can teach us for 2021

  • The dangers of baseless hype
  • Survivors show strong fundamentals

DON’T Buy Gold!! Here’s Why!

  • Gold vs Bitcoin the digital gold

Jack Bogle’s 10 Investing Principles – (Founder of Vanguard)

  1. Remember Reversion to the Mean. Selecting yesterday’s winners is not smart. Over the long term, reversion to the market average is inevitable.
  2. Time is Your Friend.
  3. Buy Right and Hold Tight.
  4. Have Realistic Expectations.
  5. Forget the Needle, Buy The Haystack.
  6. Minimize the Croupier’s Take. Minimize fees by investing in low-cost, low turnover funds.
  7. There’s No Escaping Risk.
  8. Don’t Fight the Last War. What worked in the past is no predictor of what will work in future.
  9. The Hedgehog (simple investing) Beats the Fox (complex financial institutions).
  10. Stay the Course.

5 Undervalued Stocks To Buy In 2021

  1. Alphabet (GOOG)
  2. Alibaba (BABA)
  3. Microsoft (MSFT)
  4. SalesForce (CRM)
  5. Amazon (AMZN)

How the rich avoid paying taxes

  • Capital gains tax vs income tax
  • Loans against assets instead of income

A WARNING To All Investors

  • Stick to your strategy

You’re Being Tricked Into Losing Money

  • Survivorship bias
  • Risk vs return: clarified

Investing In 2022 - My Plan

  • The weighing machine matters (vs voting machine)
  • Don’t chase hype
  • Ignore predictions of doom & gloom
  • Keep investing

2022 Market Outlook (WHAT LIES AHEAD)

  • Why is the crash happening? Monetary policy
  • How bad will it get? Depends on the Fed’s actions
  • What should you do? Don’t sell; keep buying

How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio

  • Short & long-term debt cycles and productivity growth
  • 3 rules of thumb:
    1. Don’t have debt rise faster than income
    2. Don’t have income rise faster than productivity
    3. Do all that you can to raise productivity

I’m Not Worried About The Recession, Here’s Why

  • Discipline